Vintage Style Open Sign, Light Box, Restroom Sign and Custom Light Sign Specialist

HOLIDAY ANNOUNCEMENT! Due to demand and current turnaround times, orders that need to be shipped in time to arrive before Christmas MUST be submitted no later than Dec 13th, and unfortunately there can be no exceptions made during this busy time. Thanks so much to all of VintaGoGo's customers for their patience and understanding!

I love old-school vintage hand lettered signs and I love working with my hands. It made sense then to begin creating my own open sign, custom light box sign, restroom sign, art deco and midcentury modern options as well as customizable gifts. I also love the mad scientist appeal of making something unique and individual with every custom light sign.

VintaGoGo on Etsy showcases vintage style custom lighted sign options. I'm always learning new tricks and can followed on Instagram, Facebook and Tumblr! Check it out to keep track of the many custom light sign choices!

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